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AB/C Partners Together To Clean Up Hurricane Creek

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

AB/C Partners with YPN & Angelina Neches River Authority For Hurricane Creek Pickup

Volunteers posing with the trash gathered from the banks of Hurricane Creek.

"This event really inspired me to want to take charge and volunteer at other cleanup events in the future." - Megan Whitworth

Angelina Beautiful/Clean (AB/C), Angelina Neches River Authority (ANRA), and the Young Professionals Network of Angelina County (YPN) teamed up to clean Hurricane Creek in Kiwanis Park.

Hurricane Creek acts as a storm drain for Lufkin and surrounding areas. The creek is currently teeming with washed-up garbage, and ANRA has deemed Hurricane Creek as a severely impaired body of water due to the level of pollution. ANRA reached out to both YPN and AB/C in efforts to gather volunteers and help cleanup the area.

Our team picked up everything from Styrofoam cups, plastic shopping bags, and even articles of clothing during our cleanup. Trash littered the entire bank of the creek, and our team worked diligently to clean up as much as possible.

Following the cleanup, the volunteers gathered together for a picnic lunch. It was Angelina Beautiful Clean's first trash pickup in several months, and it felt great to be able to gather together and help our community with a group of people that share a passion for our local environment. Emily Thornton, Executive Director for AB/C, was quoted saying:

"Anytime our community comes together, and makes a difference... it should be celebrated. The work that this team did today made a huge impact, and we hope to be able to come back again soon." - Emily Thornton

We want to give a huge thank you to Jay Jackson State Farm, Nettles Venture, Morgan Insurance, and Principal Financial Group for sponsoring this event. Without you it wouldn't have been possible!

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