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AB/C Merchandise

Proceeds support Angelina Beautiful/Clean and our efforts to beautify and protect Angelina County. 

For every dollar donated to our organization, we return $23 worth of goods and services right back into Angelina County. Your support helps our organization host more litter cleanups, more service projects, more disposal events, and educate our community on environmental sustainability. Click the button below to donate. 

Supporting AB/C Directly
Supports OUR Community


Meet the Artist

Tyler Kay

Tyler Kay is a Houston, Texas-based visual artist. Her artistic ability and creativity were evident throughout her childhood. It wasn’t until the age of 20, that she rediscovered her passion and talent through the therapeutic practices of art, after enduring a tragic loss. Determined to use the experience as inspiration, she dedicated her life to sharing her gift with others to remind them the brevity of life and that beauty exists in every moment.

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